Do you have a family member who is in prison? Or maybe you are the one who has been incarcerated? Are you trying to get out of jail? Is there a reason that you would like your family member to get out of jail early? What are the options for them (or you)?

There is a process you can go through (Clemency), that could help commute a sentence or perhaps even get a pardon? What is the process? Who can apply? How long does it take? But does it always work? 

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Who can try to get Clemency from New York State?

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If there is someone who is currently incarcerated in New York State for a crime that has been committed in NYS, that is not a federal crime or one that has been committed in another state or country? Have all other avenues been exhausted for getting them out of jail? If so, then Clemency might be an option.

What is the process for filing Clemency in New York State?

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The process is pretty simple to get started. You, a family member or an attorney can fill out the paper work. According to the NYS Corrections website, the form takes about 60-minutes to fill out.

So, what happens after the application for Clemency is filled with New York State Corrections?


Once the application is submitted, it then begins an extensive review process. During that process, the prisoners records will be looked at for this crime, and for any other alleged crimes that they may have committed. Once, the initial process has been completed then the next step (if the file makes it that far) is the Governor review process. How long does this whole process take? That depends on too many factors, including the availability of staff to complete the initial investigation.  Be patient.

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