I’m going to sound really old for a minute here - what has happened to simple Valentine’s Day celebrations? I remember the pressure of picking out the perfect box of cards and hand selecting who in the class would get which specific one, because that was important back in the day, am I right? Better yet, I remember my mom having us make our own cards one year...can you imagine?

I have a kid in pre-school, they celebrate every holiday (as they should), but these are no longer the days of buying a box of $2.99 cards that you rip apart and write the names on and simply call it a day...you don’t want to be that kid. 

These days, you need to kick it up a few notches and make sure your valentine game is on point. Little perforated cards no longer cut it, according to my kid anyway. You have to buy something that comes with a goodie, or make a treat bag for each kid in the class, uh, what?

We ended up agreeing on ‘Frozen’ themed cards that came with little tattoos, to which I was then asked by the 4 year old “and what else” - what do you mean what else?

I asked some friends who have younger kids and they told me I wasn’t alone, their kids also had very specific demands when it came to valentine card exchanges - everyone does fun dip, ring pops aren’t cool and you don’t want to be the kid who gives pencils.

So I will ask again - what happened to the simple days of appreciating the gesture of a nerdy themed card with your name written in crayon? I guess those days are gone.  Rant over.