New Yorkers are visiting Upstate New York this fall and they are bringing their giant rats with them.

Residents of New York City are often making the trip to Upstate New York. The Fall is an incredibly popular time to visit due to the pumpkin patches, apple orchards and changing leaves. It also makes for a beautiful backdrop to a wedding. One New Yorker was driving upstate recently and documented meeting an uninvited hitchhiker.

The driver discovered a massive rat walking across the hood of his car while driving to a wedding. He eventually pulled over, popped the hood and removed the pest. We don't know if the rat had a plus one hiding in the hood with him.

The entire incident was captured on camera and uploaded on Instagram by @KevinCoop.

The rat chose a BMW too so it looks like it has expensive taste. I have so many follow up questions. Do you think it ever made it to the wedding? Did it order the chicken or the fish?

New York City's rat problem is no secret. Mayor Adams declared war on the rats just around the same time Orkin released their list of mot rat infested cities. New York City took second place which was up one spot from the previous year. A giant rat was just seen walking around a New York City convenient store.

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