The number of documented refugees who have come to New York may stun you.

Thousands of migrants come to America. According to Migration Policy, it is believed that almost half a million immigrants have come to The United States in 2023. That's nearly double the number from 2022. New York Post reported that as of September of this year, there were nearly 100,000 immigrants who made their way to New York.

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Migration is different than asylum. Migrants can leave and return to their home country whenever they please. Refugees cannot. There is a special asylum process as well. People seeking refugee asylum need to fit certain criteria. People who are going through the process can be denied.

The political climate in the country can be chaotic. It can be unstable and far worse in other parts of the world. Thousands of refugees make their way to America in search of a better life. Refugees are defined as people who are forced to leave their country to escape natural disasters, war, or even persecution.

The United States takes in thousands of refugees. How many does New York State let in? How many are there? Here is a list of where refugees who come to New York State come from along with how many have come to The United States of America. This list is for 2023. You may be surprised by the numbers. It seems incredibly low, especially for certain nations involved in a conflict.

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