Anyone who hails from the Hudson Valley, or who has lived here even only for a bit of time, will likely agree that Stewart's is part of the culture of the area.  Stopping by for ice cream after a little league game, getting your milk punch card stamped for purchasing another gallon, grabbing a coffee and buttered roll on the way into work, or filling up the gas tank - Stewart's is part of the daily routine for so many locals.

It is also important to recognize that Stewart's was there for us during the worst days of the pandemic, adjusting and adapting to ever-changing standards and guidelines in order to meet the needs of their customers.  For that commitment, the company will be awarding every single one of their employees with a bonus, and a rather large bonus at that.  In a statement, Stewart's announced that all employees, full and part time, will receive a week's worth of pay.  In total, there are approximately 4,900 employees, so the bonus payout, in total, will equal $2.8 million.

The breakdown of the bond amount for a majority of Stewart's Shops employees is a check equivalent to one week's worth of pay, and for those than began their employment with the company after September 2021, a $100 check will be awarded.

News 10 Albany reports that Stewart's President, Gary Dake, stated that this bonus is their way of sharing their success and saying thank you to all of our Partners, citing their patience, cooperation, and following of strict COVID protocols during the pandemic.

It is no surprise that these recognition efforts are coming from Stewart's Shops, as they are often involved in charitable programs and community events throughout the year, like their Give A Pint, Get A Pint program, and Holiday Match Program.  They also tried to keep our spirits high during difficult times, introducing us to their 'COVID decline' themed ice cream flavor earlier this year.

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