Do you remember the Hudson Valley forest fire back in 2016?

Last week on Instagram, Minnewaska State Park Preserve shared photos from the April 2016 wildfire at Sam's Point in Ulster County that became the largest fire since 1947. The staff at Minnewaska wrote on Instagram:

In 2016, the Sam’s Point Fire burned over 2,000 acres of the 4,000 acre Sam’s Point Area, making it the largest fire since 1947. In many areas, burns were intense due to the accumulation of nearly 70 years of unburnt fuels. This fire unfortunately was started by a person not following the rules.

With that being said, wildfires also bring needed regrowth.

Minnewaska officials explained that shortly after the fires, around the 2-month mark, they had already begun to see regrowth, stating:

Blueberries, huckleberries, and birch trees were the first plants to regrow. Many of these plants will be crowded out by new growth in a few years.

They also add "While the forest regrows, young plants are very fragile, so please stay on the trail." If you've been hiking in the Sam's Point/Minnewaska area you'll see areas of the trail roped off so they can preserve regrowth in the parks.

The pictures posted by New York State Park Staff serve as a reminder to stay on the trails. They write "While the forest regrows, young plants are very fragile, so please stay on the trail!"

If you're interested in revisiting the Sam's Point forest fire of 2016, the Minnewaska Instagram account recounts the days during the wildfire as well as the regrowth afterwards.

Take a look:

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