This past weekend was a scorcher, I know that, you know that.  Even though it looks like we have somewhat of a cool down headed our way, the sun will still be shining, and our cars will still get very hot.

We all know the dangers of the summer heat on our vehicles, like truly how hot it can get in your car in just a few minutes, and also the laws about breaking windows if you happen to see an animal in a car.

With that in mind, do you know about the potential dangers that could happen if you leave a water bottle in your car during the extreme heat?  According to ABC7NY

Experts said the combination of soaring temperatures and the plastic bottle make it a fire hazard.  The risk comes from the bottle of water being left in a car that's in direct sunlight.

The water and plastic create a magnifying effect that first responders said could set upholstery or a piece of plastic on fire in a couple of minutes.

I'm totally guilty of having a couple half empty water bottles in my car at all times, usually in the cup holders, this can be dangerous.  Experts say your best bet is to keep water bottles out of direct sunlight, like in the trunk, or better yet, in a cooler, and only if you plan to use them right away, too.  It isn't a good idea to store bottled water in your car long term, especially during the summer months, you know, because how hot the water gets, and the plastic bottles and such.

Summer is far from over, Hudson Valley, make sure you are taking the necessary steps to stay safe, and cool.