It's not the spooky season just yet but if you can have pumpkin spice then I can have scary movies. Some of the best horror movies were zombie movies. Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead are some of the greatest movies of all time but they also created a new pop culture phenomena. George A. Romero's 'zombie' has been recreated many times since it first appeared on screen trying to eat living flesh.

Capcom released Resident Evil decades later and gave the new zombie life again even though that's not technically possible. Even if you're not a hardcore gamer there's a good chance you know about Resident Evil. Since 1996 there has been almost 30 console games in the series.

Some of the videogames are iconic. The original games had the ingredients to make a great movie franchise. However, the movies were a extremely disappointing. They were more action and martial arts movies rather than horror movies. What would Resident Evil 2 look like if it were made by George Romero? Apparently he wrote a script for a Resident Evil film but it was never made.

What would these films have looked like? One super has an idea and it looks incredible.

What if the movies were done differently? What if they were made by the master and father of zombie movies, George A. Romero?

YouTube: FiveOrSixStores
YouTube: FiveOrSixStores

A user on YouTube put together some images on what those films would look like and they are incredible. Here are some stills from Resident Evil 2 in the Romero universe.

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