If you are anything like me going out to dinner means ordering something you love and knowing it is going to be served to you more delicious than you ever could have made it at home for yourself. Welcome to the Hudson Valley Restaurant Steak Trail.

Steak is my go-to restaurant meal when I am treating myself to a good dinner out. We eat a lot of steak at my house, my husband has awesome grilling skills. But honestly, there is just something amazing about a steak ordered in a restaurant where the chef knows what they are doing with a cut of beef. Add in those specialty sauces and fresh herbs some chose to use and there is no topping a restaurant steak no matter how good you can grill.

Where to Get a Steak Dinner Near Newburgh, NY

Poughkeepsie Steakhouse via Facebook
Poughkeepsie Steakhouse via Facebook

I can't claim to have eaten at all of the restaurants I put on this list of places to grab a great steak around the Hudson Valley, but I do know people who have recommended the ones I haven't been to yet.

Map of Steak Restaurants around the Hudson River via Google
Map of Steak Restaurants around the Hudson River via Google

I can personally vouch for the steak at Garvan's in New Paltz. It is my go-to order with their pork chop running a close second. The flavor they manage to infuse into their grilled ribeye will have you wanting to order two so you can take one home.

If you are looking for something less formal and hope to go to a national chain then I can also vouch for the hand-cut steaks at Texas Roadhouse. Again the pork chop is a close second but if you haven't had a Roadhouse Steak you have to try it when you venture out on the Hudson Valley Steak Trail.

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Where to Get a Steak Dinner Near Poughkeepsie, NY

Full disclosure I made this list in order to have a date night restaurant list for 2023 but I think I may have to get started before the end of 2022 because at this rate it might be the end of next summer before I get to them all.

The Hudson Valley Steak Restaurant Trail

Steak Dinner Restaurants in the Hudson Valley

Sometimes you just want to go out for a steak and there are so many great places to do that in the Hudson Valley. Check out this Hudson Valley Steak Restaurant Trail I put together for you. It will be delicious fun to work your way from Kingston to Rhinebeck then down to Beacon and over Newburgh then back up the road to New Paltz. Delicious steaks with mouthwatering sides await you at these wonderful Hudson Valley restaurants that serve steak.

Where to go for a Cocktail in the Hudson Valley

Cold Weather Cocktails of the Hudson Valley

This is just a sample of some of the hearty cocktails served up at some of your favorite Hudson Valley bars and restaurant this time of year. As we discover more we will add them to the list.

Own Your Own Restaurant with a House in Sullivan County

Cochecton Pump House in Sullivan County NY for Sale

This could be the perfect place for the next culinary / entertainment entrepreneur interested in the western Hudson Valley and the Catskills. You have the opportunity to buy a turnkey business with a three-bedroom farmhouse included. Just move in and start up your future in the converted piece of American history the Old Standard Oil Cochecton Pump House which has been recently renovated into an amazing open-air restaurant bar and entertainment space.