How does New York State rank among the rest of the country when it comes to road rage? Despite what I see on the road ways every single day I was shocked by the data.

When you think about places where road rage may be among the highest you have to think about New York City. The streets are packed with bumper to bumper traffic and with a city just shy of 9 million how could the roads not be hectic when it comes to avoiding pedestrians? You would think the city alone is enough to bring down the average of the entire state.

Forbes Advisor released a list of states with the most confrontational drivers. They also reported that violent road rage incidents increased dramatically in recent years.

Believe it or not New York State wasn't at the top of the list.

Surprising Arizona has the most violent and aggressive drivers in the country.
 The metrics used to conduct the list were incidents like being run off oft he road and getting in a physical or verbal confrontation with another driver.
Rhode Island, West Virginia, Virginia, and Oklahoma followed behind the number 1 spot.
New York ranked 12th on the list. 24% of drivers say they experience road rage quite frequently.

I haven't commuted in many other states but I think I may have to call BS on this one. How did New York not even make the top 10 on this list? I see at least 3 road rage incidents a day take place during my hour long commute to work everyday.


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