When it comes to food options in the Hudson Valley, there's no shortage of choices for whatever it is you happen to be craving at the time. When it comes to sandwiches though, there's one particular spot in the area that is typically at the top of everyone's list pretty consistently.

Even the gang at Yelp seem to agree that this particular heritage Hudson Valley deli is top notch.

Rossi's Rosticceria Makes Yelp Top 100 US Restaurants For 2023

Sandwiches? Sure, Rossi's? Yup!

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That's usually how the conversation goes, right

Well it seems like even the Yelpers know how legendary the goods are at Rossi's in Poughkeepsie, as they named them #79 on their 'Top 100 US Restaurants' list for 2023, and not for nothing, it's pretty awesome to see Poughkeepsie listed among restaurants in cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Indianapolis, LA, and Scottsdale.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Yelp's 'Top 100 US Restaurants' list, and the rankings come from users themselves.  According to their list, island cuisine dominated the top 5 this year, and some other notable appearances include plant based, sustainability efforts, and locally sourced ingredients.

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What Does Yelp Have To Say About Rossi's?

It's not just about sandwiches. The deli offers authentic Italian entrees like Chicken Parmigiana, meatballs, chicken marsala, and lasagne bolognese, alongside soup and a cadre of salads

A solid representation of some of the offerings you'll find at Rossi Rosticceria in Poughkeepsie.

Described as having gigantic portions of exemplary meats on fresh-baked breads, Yelp's #79 location for top restaurant in the US has been serving the Hudson Valley with the 'quintessential Italian deli experience' for more than 40 years.

Rossi's Facebook
Rossi's Facebook

As far as the most popular dishes outlined in their ranking - the Number Four panini, yes the one that went viral on social media, that one Yelper described as the best sandwich of her entire life.

Check out the full Rossi write-up here, as well as the other 99 top US restaurants to add to your foodie bucket list.

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