It was my first time. I swear. The sad thing is that I'll most likely watch it again if she's on next week.

I have a confession to make. For the first time since its creation in 2005, I watched an episode of Dancing with the Stars last night. I swapped out watching football on a Monday night for Dancing with the Stars. I'm not proud of it but I took a page right out of my mother's book as she's absolutely obsessed with DWTS.

Last night was the kick off of the 29th season. Can you believe it has been on for that long? Do you feel as old as I do?

The new season was hosted by Tyra Banks who replaced Tom Bergeron and featured celebrities like Nelly, Nev Schulman, Anne Heche, Charles Oakley and many more but the one I had to tune in to see was Carole Baskin from The Tiger King documentary on Netflix.

I'm sorry but the intrigue got the best of me. She's not a dancer and she's hardly a celebrity so what could she possibly bring to the table? Americans are obsessed with two things. We love a good unsolved murder (Seriously, did she kill her husband?) and watching people fall on their face in public and that's exactly why I tuned in. Carole Baskin on the show covers both of those elements that make up good television. As much as we all want her to fail I will state that without spoiling it for you she miraculously didn't do too bad.

Will she be around  next week? We shall see. If she is I'll be watching. Yes, of course she danced to Eye of The Tiger by Survivor.

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