I don't know why this came as a surprise to me, seeing school supplies line the shelves of many of the local stores in the Hudson Valley.  I'd even be willing to bet that some retailers in the area had their displays set up before the school year even ended.  This coming from the same person who discovered holiday themed coffee creamers in the refrigerated section at the grocery store in September...but I digress.

seb_ra for Canva
seb_ra for Canva

Getting A Jump on School Supply Shopping

I can't quite remember if this was a 'thing' back when I was in grade school, but my elementary-aged daughter came home on the last day of 1st grade with the supply list for next year tucked into the envelope with her report card.  I stuck it on the fridge thinking that would be a task for 'August Val,' but with all the emails about Back to School shopping discounts and summer savings, I'm thinking that I may need to get this done sooner than I expected.

To be very honest, I was really surprised when my daughter came home from summer camp earlier this week and told me that one of her camp friends already got her new backpack and matching lunchbox for next year, so we don't want to be those people who wait until August and can't find the hot-pick for themed school apparel.  I couldn't believe that MY child was even thinking about something school related this early in the summer...

SparkleStroke Global, EpicStockMedia for Canva
SparkleStroke Global, EpicStockMedia for Canva

School Supply Sales & Offers

Like I mentioned, I've been receiving a ton of promotional emails about summer sales on school supplies, and while I admit I deleted the first couple, supplies under $1 caught my attention, especially with the amount of things on her list for next year.

  • Target has been doing some pretty great sales on supplies like crayons, markers, etc., and you can even shop online for the discounts.
  • Those back to school Amazon Prime Day offers are definitely appealing....right?
  • Walmart has been marketing that they have a giant variety of school supplies available for less than $1
  • Also, if you are an educator (k-12, homeschool, daycare and early childhood learning centers, vocational/technical show teachers, even college/university professors), Target is doing their 'Teacher Prep Event' from July 17-September 10th where you can score some major supply discounts as well.

I must admit, I'm leaning towards caving and taking the kiddo school supply shopping sooner than later...guess it's the bargain shopper in me.



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