I came across this gem on YouTube and I've watched it several times now. Check out Jack Antonoff's fascinating writing process of their new single, "Don't Take The Money".

I'm not very musically inclined and I never have been. I've got ears and that's about it. I stumbled upon this video of Bleachers front man and song writer, Jack Antonoff, letting us in step by step on how he wrote their latest hit "Don't Take the Money."

If you're a fan of Jack's work or maybe just a fan of hearing all kinds of weird sounds being put into a track. Take a look at this video as he lets us in his studio in New Jersey.


Now, he admits that he summed up his process in a few minutes but it actually took months and multiple cracks at the drawing board.

I don't know what goes into making a hit song but I'm sure glad Jack Antonoff from Bleachers does.

It's so interesting to see how the creative mind works.

Here is the finished product live on Jimmy Fallon:

Bonus Video: WRRV Interview With Jack Antonoff