Wanna feel old? No, seriously, really, really old?

Hold on to something. You sitting down?

Home Alone is 25 years old.

Yep, Home Alone can now rent a car. It's almost old enough not to be insured by its parents.

But, don't worry: since I've made you feel like your youth has escaped you and vanished into the ether like the finest billows of breath on a cold, unforgiving night, I'll make it all better. You now have a chance to see Home Alone in a completely new, unique way.

A big part of the fond memories evoked by Home Alone is the incomparable score. Nothing feels more like Christmas than John Williams' huge, sweeping, symphonic music from the movie. Well, good news!

The holiday movie favorite will be screened in HD at concert halls across the country, local symphony orchestras performing John Williams’ Academy Award-nominated score in sync with the film. 29 of these concerts will take place in 18 North American cities, starting in Milwaukee on Black Friday, Nov. 27. They include Washington, Houston, Newark, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, Nashville and Minneapolis.

For the complete listing of performances and locations, check out the website here.