One of New York's most horrific serial murders was committed by a man who was recently paroled from prison for bank robbery.

We see these horrifying stories all of the time. we never think about the murders that take place right in our own backyard. He was called the "Robocop Killer" and he was active in Middletown, Goshen, and Poughkeepsie.

America has an obsession with true crime books, podcasts, and television shows. Serial killers seem to be at the very center of that fascination. When you hear "serial killer" your mind might immediately think of some of the most notorious names like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, or Aileen Wuornos.

Did you know that New York State has its own fair share of serial killers too? One of them was recently featured on television. His reign of terror took the lives of 6 women and the crimes stretched from Goshen and Middletown to Poughkeepsie. The notorious killer's crimes are now the center of a new episode of Twisted Killers on the Oxygen Network.

According to Murderpedia, Nathaniel White was inspired to kill and mutilate his first victim the way he did because of the movie RoboCop 2. His first victim was Juliana R. Frank in 1991 who was pregnant at the time. His second victim was Christine M. Klebbe who was only in the 8th grade. Her body was discovered in Goshen. White's third victim was Laurette Huggins Reviere who was discovered in Middletown, New York. The fourth and fifth victims were Angelina Hopkins and Brenda L. Whiteside who he reportedly met in Poughkeepsie. His last victim was Adraine M. Hunter whose body was found in Middletown, New York.

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