A photo of a service turkey on an airplane has been making the rounds on Reddit.

Yeah. A turkey. Like, a turkey turkey. A gobbling turkey. Apparently this turkey belonged to an individual whose emotional state was such that he or she needed the support of the turkey in order to functionally fly on an airplane. A real live turkey.

Look at that thing up there. I mean, look, I can get the idea of emotional support from a puppy or something. Y'know, a cute little dog or a cat or whatever hanging out with you, chilling in your lap is a good feeling. It's comforting. That thing up there is uh... unpleasant to look at and more unpleasant to listen to.

Can you imagine being on that plane? You've got your iPad loaded up with episodes of True Detective because you're finally getting caught up on the TV shows you heard everyone talk about, you've got your earbuds in, and you're ready to watch an episode or two and nod off into a nice sky tube nap, when suddenly: GOBBLEGOBBLEGOBBLEBSDFKHAFKHSADSA

Where's the support for those people, I ask you?

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