Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water you need to look out for the beaches.

A couple of years ago my wife and I traveled to Niantic, Connecticut and enjoyed just about everything the beach town had to offer. This of course included taking a dip in the ocean. We swam far out to a raft pretty confidently but after I realized how far we were from the beach while standing on that raft I almost had a panic attack. Another attack I was worried about was one involving a shark. A lot of beachgoers love to claim there are no sharks in waters off of the coast of New York. I guess for them it is out of sight, out of mind because there are definitely sharks nearby. Your odds of seeing one are low and your odds of being attacked by one are even lower.

The researchers from OCEARCH recently pinged a 9-foot 6-inch male shark weighing over 400 lbs of the shore of Long Island.

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Someone shared a terrifying video of a large shark thrashing off of the shore of Jones Beach.

According to the post, it is a Mako shark and it looks to be a decent size. This breed of shark is not generally aggressive and they don't typically bother humans or see them as prey.

That doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. This sure would freak me out but maybe I have seen Jaws too many times.

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