Our fellow New Yorkers to the west of the Hudson Valley are in the middle of a crazy and intense snow storm. Here are some shocking videos and pictures that show just what they are dealing with.

It was unusually warm in the Hudson Valley about a week ago. We're starting to experience colder temperatures and we even got our first glimpse of snow the other day.

It's nothing compared to what kind of weather our neighbors to the west are currently experiencing. The Buffalo area is getting pummeled by a lake-effect snowstorm and the pictures and videos being shared online are incredible.

Imagine shoveling this mess.
  This is what Highmark Stadium, the home of the Buffalo Bills looks like.

Check out this video showing how much snow is built up outside of one homeowners garage door.
This pup might be trying out to be a future sled dog.

If you want to take your dog for a walk then you'll have to clear a path for it.

Some spots have seen 6 feet of snow.

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