How do you maintain a work life balance as an adult?  Is it something that's actually important or should we just toughen up and be grateful we even have a job? Should kids have to worry about being over worked at school? Or is it something kids should just get used to?

A woman recently wrote to her daughter's teacher excusing her from an excess amount homework. The mother was upset that the daughter had 2-3 hours of homework everyday and that she did't have time to be a kid. The letter went viral and was published on Huffington Post. We debated the importance "work life balance" and if it is something we are entitled to or if it's just a privilege.

Here's what some of you had to say:

  • I agree with Nick to an extent. What you're referencing is called work life balance, and I am a huge proponent of maintaining one. I think a lot of the problem stems from perceived stereotypes like you mentioned Nick, single young guys for example have the potential and ability to work late etc. I also feel the problem can be attributed to co workers who pride themselves on working late and how often they do so. Personally, it's more impressive to me that someone can complete work satisfactorily in the time that they have at work rather than accomplishing the same amount of work while working late etc
  • My mother was a teacher for 36 years before she retired. I can tell you first hand that the work load put on them to teach by the state has gotten to a point where its just not possible to do it all in class. It's not fair to the teachers or the students.
  • Hi Brandi & Nick - I've been teaching high school students for 6 years and have seen a huge increase in homework in that time period. New state and national standards are requiring us to teach more content, but there is often not enough time to cover it all. It's very stressful for students AND teachers.