It's a tradition that has come under a lot of scrutiny in recent years. Is it time to retire the age old tradition of playing the national anthem before major, minor and little league sporting events n new York?

With sports coming back to New York. Should we still play the national anthem before games?

The performance of the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key before or during a sporting event has become a routine that the entire country adopted over 100 years ago. Why do we do it and when and where exactly did this start?

According to Axios, though the Star Spangled Banner was written in the 1800s it wasnt proclaimed the nation's anthem until 1914.

In 1918, the song was randomly performed during the 7th inning stretch of the World Series. It became much more common at sporting events after that.

The national anthem really isn't about paying your respect to the United States as much as it's a way for civilians to honor the armed forces.

According to reports from ESPN, the Dallas Mavericks have decided to no longer play the song before games. The NBA rulebook says players are required to stand during the anthem.

We've seen some major changes in the sports world in the last year. Could this be another change on the way? Will we soon say goodbye to the national anthem before games?

With local little league sports coming back do we see this trend hitting our community?

If it was a tradition started to honor soldiers should they have the final say? Most veterans seem to not be offended when people sit or take a knee at games.

How do you feel about standing before the national anthem before games? Do you think it's disrespectful not to?

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