Do you need snow tires? Have you thought about getting them but aren't even sure what the difference is?  The biggest difference between regular tires and snow tires is that winter tires have deeper grooves to channel show and keep more of the tire actually in contact with the road.

The winter tires are also designed to hold up better in the cooler winter temperatures.

Can you keep your winter tires on your car all year long? No. The special rubber that is on your winter tires and does great in cold weather does not hold up at the warmer temperatures of the rest of the year. Winter tires are for winter. All seasons or summer tires are good for the rest of the year.

So if you run your car on all seasons for the most of the year, you more than likely are going to be ok. If you find yourself doing a great deal of winter driving, for the safety of yourself and for your passengers, you might wish to look into the snow tires.