I've been posting 90s at Noon highlights for the past few Fridays, and it's been a total trip down memory lane for many of us.  TV shows and movies, favorite 90s foods, games and so on.

A few weeks back, I shared a totally embarrassing personal photo from the 90s, and a few of you were like hey, check out this classic 90s shot, so I figured, why not see if we can get a bunch of classic 90s photos from our listeners and showcase them!

We're even going to take this to the next level and do a vote on best photo submission, prizes too!

My plan is to collect the photos from now until next Thursday, 3/7, and then post them on Friday 3/8.  Yes, we want to share all of your 90s glory, so know if you send in a photo, it'll end up on our site and app :)

For those reading this on the website, submit photos on Facebook or through an Instagram DM.

So dig through your old polaroids, find that box of WalMart one-hour photo packages that you never put into an album, and let's see what you've got, 90s style!

Let's get things started with this gem - #so90s