It's the second case in as many weeks that a Hudson Valley business had closed their doors without warning to the public and/or employees, once again leaving people with questions and concerns.

Last week the news of Marlene Weber Salon & Spa's sudden (and somewhat quiet) closure stirred up a great deal of conversation for those with upcoming appointments, unused gift cards and certificates, some valued at more than $500, and concern for what happened to her employees and staff.

Now, a similar discussion is centered around a consignment shop on the Wappingers/Poughkeepsie border on 376.

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Simplicity Consignment Shop Shutters With No Notice

In the Dutchess County Moms Facebook group on Wednesday May 10th, a concerned local resident posted a photo of the note she found on the door of a once popular consignment shop called Simplicity.

Simplicity, the thrift/consignment store on 376 by Casa Vallarta In Wappingers/ Poughkeepsie has suddenly closed up. I just saw this on their door. How horrible!!!

The note, written and posted by the New Hackensack Realty Property Management company, described that the business was no longer operating, referring to Simplicity as 'the prior tenant.'

The conversations that followed in the comments section of the post indicated that there had been some confusion recently regarding the status of the consignment shop, and what happened to the items that had been dropped off there by people to be consigned. Some claim that they are both owned money from Simiplicy, or had items there that were still within the 'consignment period' that should be returned to the seller had they not been sold in the store.

It what some are alleging to be an eviction situation, New Hackensack Realty Property Management shared that they are working to get items back to people who had dropped things off there to consign if they can prove ownership.


Nextdoor App Posts Claim Items from Simplicity Showing Up At Other Local Consignment Stores

In addition to the chatter in the Facebook groups regarding the unexpected closure of Simplicity, there are a number of lengthy threads on the Nextdoor community-based app regarding the situation. These threads also opened up the door for people to express prior concerns about business practices at this particular shop, even from former employees.

A number of people shared that they had seen items that were to be consigned at Simplicity at other local consignment shops, and expressed their displeasure in the way things turned out.

One local resident shared that she was a customer who almost lost everything, including money she was owed from the shop, but was able to get over there before they closed for good to get her stuff, and the money owed to her.

Coverage on this closure, and the status of the missing items is continuing.

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