They keep saying that the Hudson Valley is the new Hollywood. The Hudson Valley region of New York is getting that reputation fairly. Several movies and television shows have been made here in recent years. The area is attracting major projects with major talent as well. Those cast members love exploring while they're in town.

Remember when Woody Harrelson was spotted at a rock climbing gym in Poughkeepsie while he was filming a show for HBO? He was also seen at a popular restaurant in Beacon with some of the crew members.

Post Malone was also spotted at a local restaurant recently along with Flo Rida, Laura Dern, Ben Stiller and William H. Macy.

If we want to keep the stars and film projects coming to the Hudson Valley then we need to do what we can to make the region a good place for filming.

If you own a home in Woodstock, New York then you're house might be in need for an upcoming project. According to the Hudson Valley Film Commission's Facebook page, a production company from Los Angeles is looking for a quiet home in the Woodstock area to use as the set of a Master Class Interview. It says that the host of the interview is a local author. The project would only bring a small crew.

Who is the the Author? Could it be Neil Gaiman? He is apparently a Woodstock resident?

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