With the ice and snow continuing to thaw by day and refreeze at night, many parts of the Hudson Valley experienced potentially hazardous areas of black ice Thursday morning. Fortunately, the ice will quickly melt, as daytime highs are expected to reach the 40s Thursday afternoon. But while the Hudson Valley may enjoy a couple more days of above-average temperatures, snow and much colder weather are forecast to return by Sunday.

Will this be a big snow event?

Meteorologists have been keeping a close eye on another winter weather event that could have possible impacts on the northeast by late Sunday into Monday. Temperatures are forecast to take a dramatic plunge by Saturday night, as an Arctic air mass once again blasts down from Canada. Highs will only reach the 30s by Sunday, as some snow showers and freezing rain could fall by late afternoon? How much? For now, this does not look like a major storm, as anywhere from an inch or two of snow could fall. But with temperatures falling into the mid to upper 10s by Sunday night, roads could be slippery if you're traveling home after a Super Bowl get-together.

A good portion of the storm is expected to stay to the south and east of the Hudson Valley.

As we continue through February and look ahead to spring, what do the long-range forecasts predict for the Hudson Valley? And early spring? Or, more snow and cold? Could the area even see snowstorms well into March and April? AccuWeather has just released its spring forecast for the Hudson Valley and northeast.

While it took a while for the winter chill to finally settle in across the Hudson Valley, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Paul Pastelok says that colder than normal weather may linger well into the spring months. And while it won't be anything like what we're experiencing now, Pastelok says that the potential is there for frost and freezes weeks later than normal, which could affect crops. The prediction calls for a longer spell of colder than normal air, which could bring with it "plowable snow" to the northeast into March, and possibly April.

Nothing too out of the ordinary for the Hudson Valley and northeast, though maybe not the forecast a lot of people want to hear about.

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