With the news of this weekend's giant snowstorm that is expected to keep us bound to our homes, are you doing anything special to prepare or do you have anything on your agenda for the weekend?

Like many, i'll probably hit the store and stock up on the essentials, as the hilarious Vic DiBitetto says "gotta get the bread and milk" -

I certainly can't be snowed in with a toddler without a never-ending supply of whatever food is the only thing she's eating this week (we're on a granola bar streak for anyone who's wondering).

I'm also thinking of doing some organizing, not sure if i'm going to go full Marie Kondo, but we are still getting settled into our new house and could use to put a few more boxes away.

I'd imagine we are going to do a TON of binge tv/movie marathons, and the aforementioned toddler will probably have the final say more times than not, so you can count on me hearing "Let It Go" about 382 times during the long, snowy weekend.

I heard some colleagues talking about starting a home DIY project - nah; another mentioned teaching herself how to knit or crochet or something - no thanks. I'm not interested in adding anything new to the agenda, cabin fever will already have my head spinning enough.

Other than trying to keep up with shoveling followed by hot chocolate, and doing a few things here and there around the house, i'm imagining pajamas being my preferred attire, grilled cheese on the menu for every meal, and a whole lot more of nothing at all.  If it's not an icy mess and negative 10 degrees, maybe we'll go sleigh riding or build a snowman....maybe.

What's on your snow-day (or weekend) agenda?