Is one of the worst small cities in America right here in the middle of the Hudson Valley? A recent poll seems to think so. Spring Valley scored embarrassingly low.

New York has a large population. We have a lot of cities so naturally, most of them are going to make some major lists. Wallet Hub just released a list of the best and worst small cities in America. One of the worst ones is sadly right here in our own backyard.

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The list was compiled based on things like safety, affordability, economy, physical health and quality of life.

Have You Ever Been to Spring Valley, New York?

The small city in Rockland County was ranked extremely low on a list of America's best small cities. The concerning part is that Spring Valley didn't just score low. It was almost at the bottom of the list.

There are several factors why. For the affordability portion, Wallet Hub compared the cost of living to the median household income. They also looked at the low homeownership numbers.

The economic findings showed there is low job, financial, and population growth combined with a troubling house foreclosure rate.

Here is the full list. Spring Valley, New York landed in the 2nd percentile.

Source: WalletHub

One of the best small cities in America is actually in New York as well. Saratoga Springs, New York scored extremely well and opposite to Spring Valley. Saratoga landed in the 98th percentile.

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