Creeping the Hudson Valley Craigslist missed connections is a hobby of mine. Some of them are very detail oriented which sometimes crosses the line between adorable and creepy. Sometimes it's right in the middle and that's when I blog about it.

A woman recently interacted with a phlebotomist at her doctor's office and was apparently taken back by the man stabbing her with a needle. I guess that's one way to catch someone's romantic eye. She described him as having a sadistic sense of humor, I can only imagine it having something to do with the activity at hand.

If you are a phlebotomist at St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital or know someone who is, check out the original Craigslist post here.

Their first date could just involve a Netfilx & Chill scenario, but what would they watch? I'm thinking a Dexter marathon could work in their favor. It goes along with his alleged "sadistic" sense of humor.