Stewart Airport may be undergoing some big changes. For one thing, it might not even be called Stewart Airport anymore.

Governor Cuomo has outlined a $34 million proposal to expand Stewart International Airport that will allow it to build a U.S. Customs and Border Protection federal inspection station. Cuomo also wants to rebrand the airport as "New York International At Stewart Field." He points out that the current name doesn't actually tell people where the airport is.

Cuomo has a history of trying to change the name of New York landmarks - there's been a whole controversy surrounding his decision to change the name of The Tappan Zee Bridge. But honestly, he's got a point. If Stewart Airport is going to continue with international flights, it might help if people actually knew where their plane was going to end up.

That said, I think we should open up a Name Change contest for everybody in the Hudson Valley, and whoever gets the most votes should win. That can't possibly go wrong! I'll start.

Airporty McAirportFace. Not bad, right?

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