It doesn't matter if you are driving to work, taking a day trip with family or loading up for the annual family road trip there are 3 things you need to keep an eye on when it comes to your car.

It will only take one road trip with car trouble to have you never leave home without servicing your car first. but we also have to keep in mind the everyday use that adds up. I am the type of person who gets my car serviced before a big road trip but sometimes I forget back and forth to work every day can cause just as much wear and tear.

Tow truck towing a broken down car on the street.

It isn't just getting the oil changed you have to think about. It is important you keep in mind the small things like wiper blades and windshield washer fluid. Headlights and tires can be something else that causes you roadside car trouble in the summer.

Changing wheel on car
Bart?omiej Szewczyk

Check the Tire Pressure

Just last week I got in my car and noticed the tire pressure light was on, my first thought was that is a winter thing isn't it? Turns out no it is an all-year thing. According to the information I found online from Firestone Tire, Tire pressure can be affected by temperature and that includes heat like we have been having. Turns out due to the heat some of my tires were overinflated. I'll be honest I am used to the under-inflated in the winter so this tripped me up for a minute.


Check Your Wipers

About three weeks ago I realize that the rear window wiper on my car had basically lost its wiper part so needless to say it was not clearing the window when it is on so that needed to be replaced. I could see if it was winter and I have gotten it torn using the scraper. I have no clue what happened to it in the summer but the bendy blade part of it was gone.

indicators of the car

Check Your Headlights

It is going to start getting dark earlier and if you haven't been using your headlight much this winter you may not realize that one of them is out. You don't want to find out when the officer gives you a ticket.

So before you head to work or play this week take a quick walk around the car and make sure it is holding up in all this Hudson Valley heat.

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