We can't argue the fact that life, in general, is more pricey these days, but the cost of a college education is something that has always brought about a great deal of concern for families.  As borrowers across the state just learned about the President's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan, on the minds of prospective college students and their families is likely the affordability of getting a college education.

As the Hudson Valley prepares for new students to come to the area as the start of a new academic year draws near, one local university has been named the top recipient on a recently released list of best value colleges and universities by College Consensus.

SUNY New Paltz Comes In At #30 On the Best Value Colleges and Universities Ranking

Coming in only second to mortgages as the second largest consumer debt class (according to College Consensus), student debt is something that impacts people long after they walk across the graduation stage.

Here in the Hudson Valley, we have a wide variety of colleges and universities; state schools, community colleges, private schools and even an Ivy League, and one recently earned a distinct recognition regarding its value.

SUNY New Paltz, in Ulster County, was just named this week by College Consensus, as #30 on their list of Best Value Colleges and Universities. Furthermore, SUNY New Paltz also earned the highest ranking on the list among all other SUNY comprehensive schools.

College Consensus
College Consensus

High praise and recognition is not out of the ordinary for this Hudson Valley school, as some other recent accolades can be seen below.

SUNY New Paltz (newpaltz.edu)
SUNY New Paltz (newpaltz.edu)

How Were The Rankings Calculated?

College Consensus shared that their ranking of Best Value Colleges & Universities 'features the Consensus Ranked schools with the lowest full-time, out-of-state tuition rates.' Their approach to compiling the list of best value schools is said to be comprehensive and holistic.  College Consensus creates what they call a 'meta-ranking' by taking the rankings of 'the most respected college ranking systems' and then combining them with averaged ratings of thousands of real student reviews.

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Want To Know More About SUNY New Paltz?

Full disclosure, and please forgive my bias, as a two-time alumna of SUNY New Paltz I can tell you that I'm not surprised to see how the school rated with their student reviews.  The college has a lengthy list of major and minor programs, that has expanded so much in the 17 years since I completed my undergraduate degree, and even in the 10 years since I finished my graduate program.

A banner sign on the SUNY New Paltz campus.
Jackie Corley, Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

The school is made up of a diverse and welcoming community of faculty, staff, administrators and students, and something that I've always appreciated is that at SUNY New Paltz, there's a little something for everyone.  You can read more about the SUNY New Paltz Points of Pride, as well as get more information about student demographics, tuition rates, academic programs and engagement opportunities by clicking here.

A Tour of New Paltz

Some of our favorite and not so favorite things about New Paltz, New York.

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