For the second time, Anna Sorokin is out of prison. Most recently locked up in the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, NY, she is now a free woman. Since you're currently likely to run into Sorokin at your neighborhood Hudson Valley farm stand now more than ever, here are the details of what landed her there in the first place.

Inventing Anna

Anna Sorokin was the focus of Netflix's Inventing Anna. If you're unfamiliar with her name, you may be familiar with her face (below). Her story made international headlines as she sat trial for an intricate yet ill-fated attempt to convince American banks and socialites that she was a rich European heiress.

YouTube/Daily Mail
YouTube/Daily Mail

"True Crime" Criminal in the Hudson Valley, NY

It's no surprise that Netflix jumped on her story because it already reads like fiction. Sorokin was convicted on multiple counts, including grand larceny, after a jury found her guilty of using fake documents to try and convince a New York bank to loan her $22 million.

She was also accused of a laundry list of other scams, from cashing fake checks valued at over $100,000 to convincing friends to cover more than $60,000 of expenses related to a vacation.

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So Why is She in Goshen?

A month after being released from lockup, Sorokin was re-arrested for having an expired visa. She has been fighting her deportation to Germany from behind bars, but a judge recently ruled that she no longer needed to do it from a jail cell, and ordered her release. One condition of her newfound freedom is a total ban from all social media platforms.

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