It says take at your own risk right on the sign. The Hudson Valley is home to many haunted houses, dolls and even graveyards, but I've got to admit that a haunted couch is a new one. I'd understand a rocking chair, even. Why is this spooky couch and love seat haunted? Who wants to buy it?

Craigslist used to be the hub for all things strange for sale but it seems that the Facebook Marketplace is taking over for all things weird.

I came across this ad for a free couch and love seat for sale in Middletown. It's free but there's just one problem, it's haunted. What happened? What's the story behind this strange piece of furniture? Would you buy these couches or should we put them in Ed and Lorraine Warren's museum with Annabelle and the puzzle box from Hellraiser?

Who does this skeleton belong to?

Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts

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