I just seem to have good luck when it comes to getting celebrities to reach out. You may have remembered my back and forth with rock legend Daryl Hall. Now we have another celebrity reaching out! If only I could meet them somehow...

Can't Take This Back!

So, each weekend, I look for some of the latest and greatest in music news to share with y'all on the air. This last weekend, I stumbled upon this episode of "Artists Who Give A Crop" on Instagram featuring Jawny. Jawny's latest single "Take It Back" featuring Beck has been killing it lately with being #71 on iTunes Top 100 Alternative Songs, and #80 on Radio Top 100 Alternative Songs. In the episode with Tattooed Chef, Jawny talks about how music has always been his greatest form of expression while getting a new tattoo. I'm not going to get into it too much because I want you to watch the video below, but I'll just say that watching the video, I felt like I was in the tattoo parlor with him. He comes off so down-to-earth, and as a fellow musician, someone I'd just love to jam with. I don't have any tattoos at the moment, but hell, I'd go get a tattoo with Jawny!

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I figured this would be quality content to share with everyone. So, I talked about it on my show this weekend, and I included the episode in our Instagram story. Unlike my story with Daryl Hall, where he just liked our stories, Jawny actually wrote back!

Instagram, Jawny, WRRV
Instagram, Jawny, WRRV


This guy is just making love him even more. Seriously, so cool! It's little moments like this that make a career in radio so rewarding. We continue to wish Jawny all the best and the most success! Go watch the latest episode of Artists Who Give a Crop below, and see what the hype is all about, and continue to tune in to hear "Take It Back."

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