The owner of a prominent Hudson Valley tattoo shop was on national news Friday discussing the state of his business.

Owner Adam Lauricella shared his challenges in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic that is preventing him and the independent contractors he works with from getting back to business.

Like many businesses that have shuttered, he still has bills to pay. He's applied for government loans and is still waiting on his stimulus payment. He discusses the fact that everything is on the line for him, if he can't go back to tattooing customers he'll have to find another profession.

According to the Hudson Valley Post, Governor Cuomo recently announced New York will begin reopening over four phases covering two months. Watch the video below to hear Adam's story.

Adam & Graceland Tattoo has teamed with WRRV in recent years to host the annual WRRV Tattoo Redo contest. Here's a look at some of the worst ink the Hudson Valley has to offer, NONE of this work was done by Adam or his team. But he does a great job of cover-up work too (when they open back up).

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