As it seems to be, fancy electronic do-dads are the hot item this year as far as gifts for this holiday season. Things are getting pretty advanced these days, things like lights and home security can now be controlled wirelessly through your smart phone. All those old sci-fi shows are actually prediction the future of tech. Whether it be smart phones, tablets or even portable Bluetooth speakers, electronics are what most people want and are what a lot of people are buying. According to a recent CNET study 40 percent of tech shoppers will be buying tablets.These people plan on spending about 700 bucks on gifts too, which really isn't all that much when you start looking at electronics.

I happen to be one of the more tech-savvy people in my circle of people and I find myself always being asked what the newest and best electronics are. Of course the huge items for gamers are the new consoles, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. I know Deuce has already snagged himself a PS4 and that seems to be the more popular of the two in my group of friends even though numbers show the Xbox One has sold more.

I saw bunch of tech items on some crazy sales for this past Black Friday. Instead of candy and small dollar store items it looks like cheap or discounted earbuds are going to be the stocking stuffers this year.

Myself, I'm looking forward to a SodaStream, one of those things that carbonates water and then you put syrup flavoring in it. Have you bought or asked for any tech stuff this holiday season?