If you're anything like me, you've spent countless hours watching reruns of Seinfeld. And, like me, you've probably spent way too much time thinking about Seinfeld. Well now all that previously useless information stored in your head can finally be put to good use!

Grand Cru Beer & Cheese Market in Rhinebeck is hosting their own Seinfeld Trivia Night this Friday, June 9th. Finally, a place where you can show your friends that you are truly master of your domain, at least when it comes to TV trivia.

Running 9 seasons with 180 episodes, there's definitely a wealth of material for questions, both obvious and obscure. But most important is your team name. You can't just walk into a Seinfeld trivia night without a Seinfeld-themed name. I have a few suggestions:

- The Junior Mints

- These Questions Are Making Me Thirsty

- You Asked Us A Question And Yada Yada Yada We Got It Right

- We Got A Question Wrong, Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

- Kramerica Industries

The event runs from 7 to 10, with questions by Todd Germann. It sounds like a great time, especially if you're a Seinfeld obsessive like me. Now excuse me, I have to get back to watching Prognosis Negative.