Well, this is weird. Over the weekend, the girls' soccer team at Vandegrift High School in Texas won the state title. Pretty cool! Why not celebrate, right? And celebrate they did, with fans of the team storming the field. As fans are wont to do.

Apparently, a police officer that was on the sidelines took it upon himself to prevent the scene from erupting into violence or trampling injury by... tripping students who were running onto the field. And then bear-hugging another.

Check out the bizarre video:

My man clearly learned his technique from Ryu in Street Fighter II. If you'd like another angle, check out the news report about it:

He's being placed on paid leave while the police department conducts an investigation. An investigation into what, I'm not sure. But I do know that if my childhood neighbor were still alive, he'd be outraged that he spent all that time tripping children in the neighborhood and never got a penny for it.