Everyone loves to look at big expensive mansions, but why not look at something a little more in your budget?

I'm not a homeowner, I am a renter. So one day, I do aspire to own a home. But I'm not starting with the most expensive homes in Poughkeepsie, I need something more in my budget. So I decided to seek out the cheapest home for sale in Dutchess County. I'm on a budget baby.

According to Realtor.com, the cheapest home for sale in Dutchess County is $48,500. Now, if you've looked this up before you know that there actually are cheaper homes for sale. But they're either a mobile home or part of a seasonal gated community. I wanted a solid foundation and year-round, which can be bought for $48,500. This home has three bedrooms and one full bath. Take a look below inside this home:

Look Inside the Cheapest Home for Sale in Dutchess County

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