Real estate in the Hudson Valley is no joke. Shrinking inventory as well as rising interest in vacation homes from our wealthy city neighbors to the south has led to big price tags on some unassuming properties. It's great news if you're already a homeowner; my friend in Dutchess County was overjoyed when he found out his home recently rose over 25% in value in the past year alone. It's bad news, however, if you're still trying to buy. That's why I was so surprised to find a detached home for sale in Poughkeepsie  that is not only affordable, but UNDER $100,000. It also comes with a pool.

It's hard to even find an affordable shack these days (Photo: Danielle Rice)
It's hard to even find an affordable shack these days (Photo: Danielle Rice)

Let's check the stats. The house in question, while not massive, offers a TON of space and options. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room, and an eat-in kitchen all fit in this 980-square-foot home. And maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Overall, Poughkeepsie seems to be one of the more reasonable areas to look to buy in the Hudson Valley, with the most expensive single-family home in the area listed on Zillow at only $849,000. But enough about expensive homes. I've already told you how you can pour $45 million into the most expensive house in the entire Hudson Valley. If you're looking to actually save money, check out this home in Poughkeepsie listed at $74,900. And yes, you even get an in-ground pool with the deal. Sort of.

The Cheapest House for Sale in Poughkeepsie Even has a Pool

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and even a pool. At $74,900, the most affordable house in Poughkeepsie can't last long.

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