Unfortunately, due to a health issue with their lead singer, The Decemberists have canceled their Mountain Jam 2018 performance. In a post to their website and social media pages from singer Colin Meloy, he goes on to detail the struggles he's had with his voice this tour. He's gotten multiple opinions from multiple doctors including early advice to simply rest but continue playing shows.

The first issues were had in Toronto and kept getting worse from there despite efforts to remedy the problem. An early diagnosis spotted nodules on Meloy's vocal chords but doctors no longer think that he has them.

The common consensus from the three doctors who have now seen him is, the issue is strain and irritation to the vocal chords caused by fatigue. Sounds like this experience is a bit of a wake up call. Meloy had this to say:

This is also a great wake up call for me. Clearly gone are the days where I can just leap on stage, bottle of wine in hand, and start belting out high Ds & Es for two hours straight after the most desultory of warmups.