The new Bill & Ted's movie is set to be released Friday and there's a Hudson Valley connection to one of the actors in the film. The third and final movie in the series is called 'Face The Music' has been a decade in the making but now the release is upon us.

Bill S. Preston Esq and Ted 'Theodore' Logan played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves respectively must somehow create the ultimate song to save the world. They are followed by a utopian society from the future but come to find out later in life they have not yet created the music needed in the future. Bill & Ted's adult daughters are in on the adventure as well.

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Also returning is actor William Sadler who plays Death. While his primary home is in New York City, he spends much of his time at his Dutchess County home in Verbank.

Will you be supporting Bill & Ted? The movie is available on a variety of streaming platforms ranging from $20-$25 for rental.

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