Monday July 29, 2019 was the official National Chicken Wing Day according to the National Days Calendar, so this got Nick and I thinking, what is the best dressing to dip your chicken wings in? Ranch or Blue Cheese?

I personally am a blue cheese girl. Nick says that if the wings are not too spicy he will always go with ranch (but this is coming from the guy who found out Sam's club had drums of ranch dressing for sale and he tried to actually purchase it) unless the wing is very spicy, then he too will opt for the blue cheese.

So we put it to a poll on the WRRV Facebook page, we wanted to know what the Hudson Valley overwhelmingly preferred on their wings. The answer?

  • 63% of people who responded said that it is Blue Cheese dressing all the way for dipping their wings. Granted there was 37% who feel justified that ranch is the way.

What do you put on your chicken wings? Ranch? Blue Cheese? Nothing? Something completely different? Let us know!

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