The Jerky Boys may not make prank phone calls anymore, but they still answer them. Watch as Johnny Brennan hilariously demonstrates how he can annoy those pesky debt collectors and telemarketers.

Johnny Brennan, creator of The Jerky Boys and of Fox TV's Emmy Award-winning show, Family Guy is a man of many voices. It's almost like a popular case of multiple personality disorder as Brennan even says that his different characters have conversations with each other.

Many of us who were young in the '90s remember The Jerky Boys' classic crank calls from their platinum albums. There's a new generation who may not be familiar with the old Jerky Boys calls and it's hard for younger college kids and graduates to take the time to enjoy some classic humor because they're so overwhelmed with debt. Who has time to deal with different collection agencies? The Jerky Boys, that's who. Watch as Brennan once again poses as Mort Goldman, Frank Rizzo, Sol Rosenberg and Jack Tors to stop local debt collectors from calling.

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