A cookbook has officially been released in Japan highlighting the cuisine of condoms. Seriously.

Have you ever dreamed of eating Condom Escargot Cooked with Butter? Maybe Condom Meat Stuffing? Well, don't worry. Thanks to the new Japanese cookbook Condom Meals I Want to Make for You, you can!

Apparently this book was meant to just increase public awareness of condoms, as Japanese men are the third worst users of them in the world, so I guess this horrifying image was made for a good cause:

Kyosuke Kagami
Kyosuke Kagami

Now, these don't seem to involve actually eating condoms, but instead using them for casing and storage purposes.

But still, whose mind isn't jettisoned back to those old Thanksgiving dinners; some people were looking to get some good luck by snapping the wishbone from the turkey. But we knew, sitting by the fire, sharing each other's company, that the person who bit into their pumpkin pie and got a mouth full of Durex wrapper was the one who had a year of good luck ahead. Assuming they could get the lubricant scrubbed off their tongues.

It's a recipe passed down through my family since colonial times. Ah, memories.