You've heard of Oktoberfest German beer and food, music, celebrations, maybe heard rumblings of ROCKtober (no, not the Colorado Rockies 2007 season) - celebrating rock music during the great month of October.

It's time for all of that to move over and make way for CROCKTOBER, yes, a full month celebrating one of our favorite kitchen appliances, the crockpot.

Now, i'll admit I'm new to the idea of Crocktober, but i've seen a bunch of posts lately in my mom groups, and even received an invitation (pre-Facebook outage 2021) to join the Crocktober cooking challenge.  I haven't fully committed to anything, you know I have commitment issues, but I have thrown together a few top-notch crockpot meals already this month, so I feel like i'm on track to do this thing right.

At the time of this post, the official 'CROCKTOBER Extravaganza 2021' facebook group almost has 10,000 members.  This group will be sharing slow cooker and pressure cooker recipes for busy families.

Here we have '31 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes to Celebrate Crocktober' thanks to allrecipes.  I've got my eye on the french onion soup and chicken and dumpling recipes and will be adding those to my lineup for the month.

So let's get down to business here.  Do you own a crockpot, do you use your crockpot?  I'm guilty of not using mine as much as I should, because it really does make things so much easier, right?  I'm usually good for throwing together a pretty good chicken enchilada casserole, and I get compliments on my overnight french toast bake.  Oh, and when i'm feeling especially fancy, I pull out my 'triple dipper' crockpot that has three separate pots to serve up buffalo chicken dip, spinach artichoke dip, and taco dip - let me know if you want the recipes :)

Happy CROCK-ing!

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