There could be good reason why people are saying that pizza in Connecticut is better than ours and no, it's has nothing to do with the water.

I grew up in Michigan and one of the biggest perceptions about New York is that it has the best pizza. New York's has always been the best in the country with Chicago's deep dish being a close second.

New York City and Chicago have long battled for the pizza championship. Did anyone have any idea that there was another competitor? I sure didn't and it came from the unlikeliest of places.

Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports recently made the controversial claim that New Haven, Connecticut is the pizza capital of America. When I first hears this I immediately  mocked the claim. However, many New York residents have come forward and defended Portnoy's ruling.

How could a little place like New Haven really have the best pizza in America?

Is it blasphemy or is there some truth to it?

It's all subjective but there's actually a scientific and pretty reasonable explanation  why some people prefer getting pizza in New Haven over New York. It's almost.

It has nothing to do with ingredients and everything to do with how and where the pie cooked. According to Quora, the classic "NY style" pizza that we love is called Neapolitan and it's ideally cooked in a wood fired oven at 1000 degrees.

Many pizza shops in New York have abandoned their wood fired stoves when costly regulations were slapped on them back in 2014.

Parts of Connecticut do not have to adhere to these guidelines so they are able to make the pizza properly.

Is Connecticut pizza really better than New York's? If so, do they have an unfair advantage?

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