We constantly hear about crime in big cities here in New York. What are your odds having getting robbed in some of the most notable cities in the Empire State? The data might surprise you.

Some people brag about growing up in a neighborhood or a community where they never locked their doors. I grew up in a small suburb just like this. We fortunately never had an incident and it is something that you can easily take for granted. When you hear these stories they usually are not from people who grew up in a city with a large population. Cites have larger populations and are filled with good people but there is always a criminal element to look out for.

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What are the odds of being a victim of property crime in New York? According to Neighborhood Scout, you have a 1 in 74 chance of experiencing property crime in the state. How do those numbers look in some of the larger cities?

What is property crime and where does is happen more frequently in New York?

According to the NIJ (National Institute of Justice), property crime is defined as when an individual's property or belongings are stolen and destroyed without the threat of violence. Some examples of these crimes are theft, arson and even vandalism.

Here are your odds of being a victim of property crime in 11 large cities here in New York State. These cities are not listed in any particular order.

Your Odds of Getting Your Property Stolen In These 11 Cities in New York

Data compiled from Neighborhood Scout and are up to date as of 4/26/2023

Here is a list of cities ranked by crime.

16 Cities in New York Ranked From Least to Most Dangerous

Here are 16 cities in the state of New York ranked from least to most dangerous bases on its crime index number.