Do you want to stop hate? Why aren't we reaching out to the source? With racial tensions being high all over the country, it's important to pin point where the hate is coming from. Just how close are you to the some of these well known hate groups?

After the Neo-Nazi/ KKK rally which led to violence in Charllottesville, we were reminded that hate and people who hold very extreme beliefs are still very active in our communities. Where is all of the hate coming from? I think it's important to know that hate does come in many forms. Impressionable and confused youth in the Hudson Valley can take a short trip to visit the headquarters of these groups. We need to continue to educate on the importance of diversity in this country. Here are a few organizations according to New York's Hate Map.

*Please note that these organizations were collected from The Southern Poverty Law Center and New York Upstate's Website.

Ku Klos Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (Hempstead, NY) - The KKK has a long history of violence and is considered one of the oldest hate groups in the United States. Initially targeting African Americans, the current organization now speaks out against Latinos, Jews and homosexuals. The KKK has several homes in New York but this one is within an hour and a half of the Hudson Valley.

Nation of Islam (Brooklyn, NY) - This organization focuses on anti-white, anti-gay and ant-Semitic beliefs. They are considered black separatists and an extremist group of Islam.

ACT! For America (New York, NY) - ACT! is part of a fairly new movement in the United States that is against Muslims and Sharia Law in America.

Wolf Tyr Productions (Holbrook, NY) & United Riot Records (New York, NY) - Hate has many forms. This production company focuses on "hate music" and records and distributes racist music focusing on white power.


There are at least 30 more that are deemed hate groups that you can find here. The list includes:

Israel United In Christ (Mount Vernon, New York) - Black Separatist

ATLAH World Missionary Church (New York, New York) - Anti-LGBT

Nation of Islam (Harlem, New York) - Black Sepratist Nation of Islam

Firm 22 (New York, New York) - Neo Nazi, Skinhead